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Hedgehogs – Unusual Animals

Hedgehogs are one of the cutest and most unusual animals in the world. These small animals come in a variety of sizes, colors and personalities. They can typically be found in gardens, meadows and woodlands throughout the Northern Hemisphere.


Hedgehogs are mammal animals with a small, spiny body and long, pointed ears. Their most defining trait is their spiny coat, which is composed of pointy spines of varying lengths. These spines vary in color from grey to brown and white. The size of the hedgehog depends on the species, with some being as small as 6 inches and some as large as 12 inches.

Habitat and Behavior

Hedgehogs prefer temperate climates and typically live in burrows and dens that they make in the ground. They can also be found in colonies living in dry and warm areas. They are active mainly at night and usually stay away from people and other animals.

These animals eat mostly insects and other small invertebrates like spiders, worms, and beetles. They will also eat fruits and vegetables as well as small amounts of meat. In captivity, they can be fed specially designed hedgehog food.

Taming and Care

Hedgehogs can be tamed, but they need lots of patience. It’s best to start easy by rubbing their back or giving them food on their hands. As they get comfortable, they will start to trust and form a bond with their owner. It’s important to provide plenty of enrichment items such as tunnels, toys, and hiding logs.

Hedgehogs also need proper care and access to medical attention if needed. They need clean bedding in their cages with occasional baths and nail trimmings. Their food should also be checked regularly and their water should be given fresh water every day.


Hedgehogs are unique and cute animals that can make great pets. They are active at night and can be tamed with patience and trust. They need lots of enrichment items and proper care, including fresh water, clean bedding and occasional baths. With the right care and patience, these unusual animals can be an amazing and rewarding pet.

Points to Remember:

  • Hedgehogs are small, spiny mammals found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • They can range in size from 6 inches to 12 inches and come in various colors and spiny coat.
  • Hedgehogs prefer temperate climates, eat mostly insects and can be tamed with patience and trust.
  • They need proper care and enrichment items, such as tunnels and logs, in their cage.

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