are hognose snakes good pets

Hognose Snakes as Pets

If you’re in the market for a pet snake, then hognose snakes may be the perfect choice for you. These cute, chubby snakes are among the most popular as a first pet snake, but don’t be misled byt heir size and demeanor – hognose snakes can easily become active and feisty if not handled with care. Read on to learn why hognose snakes make great pets, and why you should be prepared for the commitment of owning one.

Why Hognose Snakes Make Great Pets

Hognose snakes are one of the most popular snake species to keep as a pet. They make great pets due to their relatively small size, easy husbandry needs and gentle nature. Some of the attractive features of hognose snakes include:

  • Size: The common species of hognose snakes (Heterodon nasicus and Heterodon platirhinos) generally reach adult sizes ranging from 18-36 inches in length. This makes them ideal for those who are looking for a smaller pet snake.
  • Appearance: Hognose snakes have an attractive patterning of browns, yellows or greens, combined with their chubby bodies and upturned snout, gives them a distinctive appearance.
  • Personality: Hognose snakes tend to be a bit easier to handle than other pet snakes as they are relatively docile, although they also tend to be quite active.

Preparing to Own a Hognose Snake

As with any pet, owning a hognose snake requires preparation and dedication. Before deciding to add one to your family, here are few things to consider:

  • Fencing: Hognose snakes can be very active when they are given the opportunity to explore. A secure and escape-proof enclosure is essential.
  • Housing: A suitably-sized enclosure will also need to be provided, which should be kept warm and humid to ensure the health and wellbeing of your hognose snake.
  • Diet: Hognose snakes usually feed on rodents such as mice, so you must be able to provide a steady supply of food for them.
  • Time Commitment: Be prepared to spend time with your hognose snake on a regular basis. It takes time to form a bond, establish trust and become acclimated to handling.


Hognose snakes can make great pets for those willing to make the commitment. With the right set up and plenty of dedicated time and love, you can enjoy the company of these delightful creatures for many years to come!

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