Are Horses Colorblind


Are Horses Colorblind?

Are horses colorblind? The vast majority of horses can see some color, although it may be limited. However, some horses may be completely colorblind or partially colorblind, meaning they can’t completely distinguish between colors.

Can Horses See Color?

Most horses can see color to some degree. Research has shown that horses can distinguish between red and green and differentiate between various shades and saturation levels of both hues. It’s safe to say that horses are at least partially color visioned.

Are There Horses That Are Colorblind?

While the majority of horses are able to see some color, there are some horses that are unable to differentiate between colors at all. This is a condition known as complete colorblindness, or monochromacy. Monochromacy is caused by a recessive gene, meaning that both parents must carry the gene for a foal to be born colorblind.

Signs Of Colorblindness In Horses

Here are some signs that could indicate colorblindness in a horse:

    • Avoiding well-lit Areas: A horse that avoids areas that contain colorful objects like plants or flowers may be colorblind, as they can’t see the beauty in the environment.


    • Disablement in Color Games: If your horse is unable to identify colorful objects in games, such as balls or colored ribbons, this could be a sign of a color vision issue.


    • Inability To Find Objects in Poor Lighting: Horses with poor color vision may have difficulty finding objects in dimly lit areas, as they are unable to distinguish between different shades of color.


Treating Colorblindness in Horses

Unfortunately, there is no cure for colorblindness in horses. However, there are various strategies to help horses with poor color vision better navigate their environment. Horse owners can create an environment conducive to the horse’s vision by making sure objects are well-lit and that there is plenty of contrast between surroundings. Additionally, horses can wear colored glasses to help them differentiate between colors.

In conclusion, while most horses have at least some degree of color vision, some horses are completely colorblind or partially colorblind. Colorblindness in horses is caused by a recessive gene, and is incurable. If your horse is exhibiting signs of colorblindness, there are ways to help him adjust to his environment by using plenty of lighting, contrast and color glasses.

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