are king snakes friendly

Are King Snakes Friendly?

The beauty of owning a reptilian pet is that, with proper care, it can live for a very long time. As a result, many people opt to own a King Snake, due to its lifespan of 10-20 years. But, is the King Snake friendly?

The King Snake’s Personality

King Snakes are not typically keen to approach humans, as they can be quite timid. However, they do become comfortable in their enclosure, and given time and patience, these serpents can become relatively calm when handled. Additionally, the versatility in the King Snake’s diet and docile nature makes them a desirable pet.

How to Socialize Your King Snake

If you are looking on how to make your King Snake more social, follow these helpful tips:

  • Make sure they are well-fed: If a King Snake is not provided with regular meals, they will be more aggressive and more likely to bite. Feeding your King Snake regularly will create a peaceful reptilian pet.
  • Handle him regularly and patiently: Be sure to handle your King Snake regularly and gently. Ensure that all movements are slow and purposeful, to prevent startling your pet.
  • Avoid picking up your Snake every day: While handling your King Snake is important for its socialization, for fear of over-handling, it’s best not to pick him up every day. Doing this can distress your pet.
  • Provide a warm, comfortable environment: King Snakes are happiest when their environment is warm and well-ventilated. Typically, the ideal temperature for a King Snake’s enclosure is between 78-82°F.

In conclusion, King Snakes can be friendly, if they are trained correctly and given the proper environment. With dedication, effort and patience, your King Snake will become less fearful and more social.

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