are komodo dragons reptiles or amphibians

Are Komodo Dragons Reptiles or Amphibians?

Komodo dragons are animals that have attracted the attention of many individuals because of their impressive size and mysterious lifestyle. Therefore, many people have asked, are komodo dragons reptiles or amphibians?

The answer is yes. Komodo dragons are reptiles, with some features of amphibians. The main features that classify Komodo dragons as a reptile are:

  • A dry scaly skin
  • A highly efficient water conservation system
  • A two-piece upper jaw bone
  • A three-chambered heart
  • A single cloacal opening

Komodo dragons are also unique among reptiles since they have several characteristics of amphibians. For example, Komodo dragons lay eggs that require a moist environment to develop, unlike most reptiles that can lay the eggs in drier and less hospitable environments. Also, instead of having a dry scaly skin, Komodo dragons have a moist skin that allows them to breathe underwater.

Komodo dragons are therefore a kind of reptile that has also adapted some amphibian-like characteristics; making them a marvel of evolutionary biology and an example of two classes of animals converging into one.


Komodo dragons are fascinating creatures and combining the features of a reptile and amphibian has allowed them to survive in harsh environments. They are therefore a thrilling example of how two classes of animals can merge into one.

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