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are lobsters good pets

Are Lobsters Good Pets?

It’s no secret that lobsters make delicious meals, but could they also make good pets? The answer is yes, albeit a qualified one. As with all pets, lobsters require proper care and can become a rewarding companion, but not all people are ready for the commitment. Here’s what you should consider before getting a lobster.

Pros of Keeping a Lobster

  • Personality: Lobsters can form connections with their owners. Though lobsters don’t respond to their names, they recognize their owners and seek out their company.
  • Exercise: Lobsters are surprisingly active, and can become aggressive with other lobsters. As a result, physical and mental stimulation is important to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Tank Setup: By keeping two or more lobsters in the tank, they’ll naturally search out hiding spots, creating a complex environment as they dig and rearrange coral, rocks and driftwood.

Cons of Keeping a Lobster

  • Care Requirements: Lobsters require special care, such as providing a temperature-controlled tank, so they don’t become too hot or too cold. They also have a substantially long lifespan and need a steady diet of fresh vegetables, fish, and krill.
  • Cost:Getting all the necessities for a lobster tank setup, from the food to the tank itself, can come with a hefty cost.
  • Space: Lobsters need plenty of room to roam, and large tanks can take up a great deal of space.

Ultimately, lobsters can make great pets, but you should make sure you’re ready to fully commit to caring for one beforehand. With the right care, they’ll keep you entertained and fascinated for years to come.

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