are male or female hedgehogs better

Are Male or Female Hedgehogs Better?

Having a pet has always been one of the best bits about growing up for children. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird or a small fluffy Hedgehog, each and every pet can flutter the hearts of its owners and give them joy.

Which is Better? Male or Female Hedgehogs?

When it comes to understanding which gender is better suited as pets between male and female hedgehogs, there are a few similarities, but they also carry some differences. Here are some of the key differing points:

  • Smell – Female hedgehogs have a much stronger smell than males, and the smell can become more pungent when they come into heat.
  • Interactions – Males tend to interact more with their owners and are more social. Females often hide away and are more territorial.
  • Size – Female hedgehogs are generally larger than males and grow to a bigger size.
  • Tendencies – Male hedgehogs tend to be more gentle and calm compared to the females who can be a little more lively and temperamental.


Overall, either a male or a female hedgehog can make a great pet as they both have their own individual personalities and traits. Which one suits you best boils down to your personal preferences and needs. Do you want your pet to be gentle and calm? Or lively and temperamental? And can you handle the stronger smell which a female may bring? Consider these factors carefully before making your decision.

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