Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Frogs


Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Frogs?

Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Frogs Mosquito dunks are advertised as a safe and natural way to reduce the number of mosquitos in standing water, which can be an ideal breeding ground for these annoying pests. But when it comes to frog-filled ponds or swamps, are mosquitio dunks safe to use?

What are Mosquito Dunks?

Mosquito dunks are a biological larvicide, typically in the form of doughnut-shaped discs, designed to be placed in water to reduce mosquito populations. They are the active ingredient Bti, or Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, which is a naturally occurring soil bacterium. The Bti targets and destroys the larvae of other mosquito species like Culex and Aedes, whilst posing no risk to fish, birds or humans.

Are Mosquito Dunks Safe For Frogs?

The good news is that mosquito dunks are overwhelmingly safe to use in frog-populated environments such as ponds or swamps. The active ingredient in the dunks, Bti, only targets mosquitoes and is harmless to other species of amphibians and reptiles, including frogs.

Additional Benefits of Mosquito Dunks

Not only are mosquito dunks safe to use in frog-populated environments, they also come with some additional benefits.

    • Environmentally friendly: The active ingredient, Bti, is a naturally occurring bacteria, meaning no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.


    • Cost effective: The ‘dunks’ are relatively inexpensive to purchase reducing overall costs.


    • Long-lasting: Once applied, the ‘dunks’ can last up to a month before requiring reapplication.


Overall, mosquito dunks pose no risk to frogs, and offer an effective and natural solution to mosquito control. If you’re in need of an environmentally safe way to control mosquito populations around your frog-filled pond or swamp, mosquito dunks are an great way to go.

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