are pangolins mammals or reptiles

Pangolins: Are They Mammals or Reptiles?

Pangolins, also known as scaly anteaters, have been at the centre of a debate for centuries. One of the most commonly asked questions about the strange and unusual creature is whether they are mammals or reptiles.


On the surface, it is easy to assume that pangolins are reptiles due to their physical features and behavior. Most obviously, pangolins are covered in exterior scales, similar to other common reptiles such as turtles and snakes. Additionally, as far back as ancient China, pangolins were thought to possess healing properties and the same “cold-blooded” abilities as reptiles, such as regenerating their tails and healing from deadly bites.


Despite their reptilian physical attributes, Pangolins are in fact mammals, with characteristics to prove it.

  • Legs And Tail: Pangolins have short and powerful legs that they use to move quickly. They also have a tail, which is something only mammals possess.
  • Social Behaviour: Pangolins are sociable animals, and they form strong social bonds with other animals of their own kind.
  • Motherly Care: Female Pangolins are extremely caring and protective of their offspring, much like any other mammal does.
  • Warm-blooded: Contrarily to reptiles, Pangolins are warm-blooded animals.


To conclude, Pangolins are truly extraordinary creatures: they possess physical features that are peculiar to reptiles, while they are in fact mammals with warm-blooded characteristics.

All in all, Pangolins have managed to adapt to their environments and have established themselves as truly unique creatures, worthy of our attention and protection.

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