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Are Pets Allowed in PetSmart?

Do you ever wander the aisles of PetSmart, admiring all your furry friend’s potential toys and treats, but feel guilty for leaving yours at home? We’ve all been there, but the good news is that yes, pets are allowed in PetSmart!

Who Is Allowed?

Only small, vaccinated, domesticated animals are allowed in PetSmart stores. This means any cats and dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations and kept purely as pets are welcomed. All leashed or caged pets must be well-behaved and under complete control of their owners while in the store.

What About Service Animals?

Service animals are also allowed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act which applies to PetSmart.

Benefits Of Shopping With Your Pet

Shopping with your pet can actually be an enriching experience!

  • Socialization – Pets can benefit from the opportunity for positive interactions with other humans and animals.
  • Familiar Scents – Shops like PetSmart create an atmosphere full of familiar scents and products that can help your pet to relax and feel more calm.
  • Routines – Establishing a shopping routine with your pet can help to keep them content and ease any anxiety they may have.

Final Thoughts

If your small pets meet the requirements outlined above and are up to date with their vaccinations, they are more than welcome at PetSmart! With all the benefits that come with shopping with your pet, don’t hesitate to bring them along to join you.

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