Are Rabbits And Cats Related


Are Cats and Rabbits related?

Ever wondered if cats and rabbits are related? While they don’t look or behave quite the same, cats and rabbits actually share a common ancestor, and are members of the same order of mammals, called ‘Lagomorpha.’

The Relationship Between Cats and Rabbits

At one time, cats and rabbits had a much closer relationship. While they each developed their own evolutionary paths, they are still considered to be part of the same taxonomic order, meaning they are distantly related.

The Connection between Cats and Rabbits

The connection between cats and rabbits can be traced back centuries. Both cats and rabbits are carnivorous, feeding on diets that are largely made up of protein, making them a lot more alike than you might think. Both animals also possess a leaning towards prey-like behavior and chasing after small, fast-moving animals.

Important Differences between Cats and Rabbits

Though they are related, there are some key differences between cats and rabbits which make them separate species. Here are a few of the ways cats and rabbits differ:

    • Size: Cats can range from 10-16 pounds, whereas domestic rabbits are typically between 2-5 pounds.


    • Behaviour: Cats are typically more independent and solitary, whereas rabbits are more social.


    • Nutrition: Cats are more carnivorous, whereas rabbits are herbivores.


    • Life Span: The average cat lives 12-16 years, while the average rabbit lives 8-12 years.


Though cats and rabbits are related, their evolutionary paths have branched off in important ways over the centuries, making them quite distinct species. While they may never cuddle up together, they will still always share a common ancestor.

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