are rabbits related to rats

Are Rabbits Related to Rats?

Rats and rabbits are two popular animals that commonly inhabit many of the same environments. It is natural for people to wonder whether or not the two animals are related to each other. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Family Tree

The answer to the question “Are rabbits related to rats?” lies in their family trees. Rats are members of the Muridae family of rodents and rabbits belong to the family Leporidae. Therefore, these two types of mammals are not at all related to each other.

Similar Physical Characteristics

When it comes to their physical characteristics, rabbits and rats do share some similarities. For example, rabbits are small and have pointed ears, just like rats. They also have whiskers, long tails, and short fur. However, they differ in several ways, such as size and color.


The behavior of rats and rabbits also differ in several ways. Rats are scavengers and are more likely to eat anything they can find. They are also more likely to be found living in human habitats and can be a nuisance if left unchecked. Rabbits, on the other hand, prefer to feed on vegetables and grasses and they tend to stay away from humans.


To conclude, rabbits and rats are not related to each other. Although they share some physical similarities and occupy the same kind of environments, they differ significantly when it comes to their family tree, size, coloration, and behaviors.

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