are rabbits rodents

Are Rabbits Rodents?

Rabbits and rodents resemble one another, however, they are separate species belonging to different family groups. Rabbits are third largest mammalian order Lagomorpha and rodents belong to the order Rodentia.

Similarities between Rabbits and Rodents

  • Teeth: Both rabbits and rodents have incisors that continuously grow throughout their lives.
  • Size: Rabbits and rodents come in different sizes ranging from a few centimetres to 60 cm in length.
  • Diet: The diets of both species contain plant-based material such as grasses and vegetables.

Differences between Rabbits and Rodents

  • Number of Teeth: Rabbits typically have 28 teeth while rodents have 20.
  • Stance: Rabbits sit on their hind legs while rodents remain on all fours.
  • Lifespan Rodents typically live for one to three years, while the lifespan of the average rabbit is between five and eleven years.

In conclusion, although rabbits and rodents have some similarities, they both belong to two distinct orders, and there are various differences between them.

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