are reptiles and birds related

Are Reptiles and Birds Related?

Reptiles and birds seem to have a lot in common, however, they are not actually related. While they do share some characteristics, they have very different evolutionary backgrounds.

What Are the Similarities?

Both reptiles and birds share some physical and behavioural traits which can lead to confusion as to whether or not they are related. Some similarities between reptiles and birds include:

  • Scales: Reptiles such as snakes and lizards have scales, while birds have feathers.
  • Ambient Temperature: Reptiles and birds alike are ectotherms which means that they require an external source of warmth to regulate their body temperature
  • Habitat: Reptiles and birds can be found all over the world in a variety of habitats, from the desert to the arctic.
  • Respiratory System: Reptiles and birds both have lungs and they breathe oxygen-rich air.

What Are the Differences?

Despite the similarities between reptiles and birds, there are some significant differences which set them apart even further. These differences include:

  • Mode of Reproduction: While reptiles lay eggs with a leather-like shell, birds lay calcified eggs with a hard shell.
  • Blood: Reptiles are cold blooded, whereas birds are warm blooded.
  • Flight: Reptiles do not have the capability to fly, whereas birds are able to fly due to the development of feathers.
  • Hearing: Reptiles do not have ears, whereas birds have ears that are able to detect sounds from far away.


Even though reptiles and birds appear to have many similarities, they are not actually related. While they do share some physical and behavioural characteristics, they have evolved separately and have fundamental differences in their anatomy and genetics.

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