Are Reptiles Dinosaurs


Are Reptiles Dinosaurs?

Are Reptiles Dinosaurs The term “dinosaur” is popularly used to refer to reptiles that are extinct, but did you know that not all reptiles are dinosaurs?

What is a Dinosaur?

Dinosaurs were a particular group of reptiles that flourished during the Mesozoic era, between around 250 and 65 million years ago. The reptilian species were great in size, and some even had the capacity to fly. Fossils of these great animals have been discovered all over the world.

What is a Reptile?

Reptiles are a class of animals that includes many other types of animals aside from dinosaurs. Although reptiles and dinosaurs both have scales, there are a few distinct differences between them.

Differences between Reptiles and Dinosaurs

    • Size: Dinosaurs were much larger than most reptiles and some even weighed up to 70 tons. In contrast, reptiles vary greatly in size, ranging from just a few inches to around 10 feet.


    • Time Period: Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era, while reptiles have been around since the Paleozoic era, which predates the Mesozoic.


    • Skeleton: Dinosaurs had bones that were more solid, whereas reptile bones are more fragile.


Are All Reptiles Dinosaurs?

No, not all reptiles are dinosaurs. While reptiles and dinosaurs belong to the same class of animals, they have many differences. Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, whereas reptiles such as turtles, lizards, and snakes still exist today.

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