are reptiles mammals

Are Reptiles Mammals?

Reptiles have been a part of our environment since the beginning of time, and many people wonder whether they are mammals. The answer is no – reptiles are not mammals. They are a distinct group of animals with a variety of physical and behavioral characteristics that set them apart from our furry friends.

The Differences between Reptiles and Mammals

The main differences between reptiles and mammals include:

  • Body Temperature – Reptiles are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external sources to regulate their body temperature, while mammals are endothermic and produce their own heat.
  • Breathing – Reptiles rely on lungs to breathe, while mammals have lungs and air sacs to help control their oxygen intake.
  • Eggs – Mammals give birth to live young, whereas reptiles lay eggs.
  • Hearing – Mammals have an inner ear and determinate hearing, whereas reptiles have an outer ear and indeterminate hearing.

Vertebrates or Not?

Reptiles are vertebrates like mammals, but they share many other similarities with amphibians and fishes, including their scaly skin and the way they move. They also have primitive circulatory and nervous systems, as well as a backbone that is made up of a single bony vertebra.

In conclusion, reptiles and mammals are different groups of animals that have distinct physiologies, behaviors, and habitats. While they are both vertebrates, they are not the same.

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