are reptiles time travelers

Are Reptiles Time Travelers?

Reptiles are one of the oldest species and have been on this earth for far longer than humans. Over the years, there have been many theories on how reptile species have been able to survive unchanged from their prehistoric times, leading many to think that they could be time travelers.

The Evidence Behind Time Travel Reptiles

There is some evidence that suggests that some reptiles may have the ability to travel through time. Some ancient texts have accounts of reptilian time travels, with mentions of frogs and snakes that are said to have time traveled.

Can Reptiles Really Time Travel?

The truth is, we don’t really know if reptiles are capable of time travel or not. There have been a few experiments conducted to see if it’s possible, but none of them have been able to definitively prove that reptiles can time travel.

Fictional Reptiles and Time Travel

Reptiles and time travel have been featured in fiction for quite some time. From Doctor Who’s K-9 to the reptilian creatures featured in movies like Jurassic Park and Predator, reptiles have been a staple of time travel stories for many years.


While the evidence of time traveling reptiles is circumstantial, the possibility of reptilian time travel is real. There have been experiments to try and gain insight into this phenomenon, but the results still remain inconclusive. Whether they are time travelers or not, reptiles remain one of the most mysterious and ancient creatures on Earth.

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