are salamanders reptiles

Are Salamanders Reptiles?

Many people are curious to know if salamanders are classified as reptiles or amphibians. While they may look like lizards, they are actually quite different creatures.


Reptiles belong to a specific class of animals that have a few common features. These features include:

  • Scaly skin
  • A dry habitat
  • A dry external egg shell
  • Internal fertilization


Amphibians belong to a slightly different class of animals and generally have different features. These features include:

  • Moist skin
  • A moist habitat
  • An external gelatinous egg
  • External fertilization


So, where do salamanders fit in? Salamanders are classified as amphibians due to their moist skin, moist habitat and gelatinous eggshells. They also undergo external fertilization.

However, they can be unique in that they look very similar to reptiles and do not necessarily need an aquatic or moist habitat to survive! Salamanders are very adaptable and can live in many different habitats.

In the end, salamanders are amphibians and not reptiles. While they may resemble lizards, they have slightly different features that place them in a separate class of animals.

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