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Are Savannah Monitors Good Pets


Are Savannah Monitors Good Pets?

Savannah monitors are native to Africa, but they’ve become increasingly popular as exotic pets in recent years. But, are they really a good pet option?

Benefits of Owning a Savannah Monitor

Savannah monitors are generally easier to care for than many other exotic lizards, and there’s no doubt that they’re beautiful creatures.

Here are some of the benefits that come with owning a Savannah monitor:

    • Low maintenance: They don’t need complex diets or special care like many other pet lizards.


    • Small cage: Savannah monitors can be housed in relatively small cages, which makes them ideal for people with limited living space.


    • Intelligence: Savannah monitors have been known to be quite intelligent, learning behaviors such as hand feeding.


Drawbacks of Owning a Savannah Monitor

Of course, there can be some drawbacks to owning a Savannah monitor as a pet.

    • Cost: Savannah monitors are relatively expensive, with some specimens costing up to several hundred dollars.


    • Care: They will require specialized care in terms of diet, habitat, and so on, so it’s important to have good knowledge of the species.


    • Aggression: Savannah monitors can be quite aggressive, and they’re known to bite if they feel threatened.



In conclusion, Savannah monitors are certainly beautiful and interesting creatures. However, they may not be the best pet option for everyone, due to their potential aggression and the specialized care and costly housing they require. If you have the expertise, knowledge, and space, then a Savannah monitor might be a great pet for you!

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