are sea turtles amphibians or reptiles

Are Sea Turtles Amphibians or Reptiles?

Sea turtles, a very popular group of turtles, are loved by many. But what are sea turtles classified as? Are they amphibians or reptiles?


Sea turtles are considered reptiles. This is because they are cold-blooded, have dry skin covered in a protective shell, and lay hard-shelled eggs on land, like most other reptiles.

Characteristics of Reptiles

The following are all characteristics of reptiles in general:

  • Cold-blooded: Reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature, so they depend on external sources like the sun, to warm themselves up.
  • Skin: Reptiles have tough and scaly skin.
  • Eggs: Reptiles lay hard-shelled eggs on land.
  • Breathing: Reptiles breathe with lungs and absorb oxygen through their skin.


In conclusion, sea turtles are reptiles, and share the same characteristics and features of other reptiles. They have dryish skin, breath with lungs, lay eggs on land and depend on external sources, like the sun, to warm themselves up.

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