Are Shrimp Considered Fish


Are Shrimp Considered Fish?

Are Shrimp Considered Fish Shrimp are a type of creature or organism that is often referred to as shellfish due to their hard, crustacean shells which protect their tender flesh from predators. They are classified scientifically as arthropods and are related to crawfish, lobster, and crab.

But despite their relationship to these other types of shellfish, the question arises: are shrimp considered fish?

A Look at Shrimp Anatomy

In order to determine if shrimp are considered fish, one must look to the anatomy of a shrimp. Shrimp are considered to be decapod crustaceans, meaning that they have ten appendages—eight walking legs, two sets of antennae, and a pair of claws. This anatomy is significantly different than that of fish which typically have no claws and hundreds of scales.

Dietary Distinctions

The nutritional requirements of shrimp and fish further illustrate the difference between the two. Fish have omnivorous diets which vary depending on the species and typically contain a combination of small organisms, plants, and even small fish. On the other hand, shrimp are strictly carnivorous and usually feed on small organisms like plankton and algae.

Is Shrimp Considered Fish?

The answer to this question is no. While shrimp are related to fish and may even look similar, the distinct anatomical and dietary distinctions make it evident that shrimp are not considered fish.

Here are some key points to remember when considering whether shrimp are considered fish:

    • Anatomy: Shrimp have 8 legs and 2 claws, while fish possess many scales and no claws.


    • Diet: Fish have an omnivorous diet while shrimp are strictly carnivorous.



In conclusion, while shrimp and fish may look similar, they are different species that can be distinguished by their anatomy and diet. As a result, shrimp are not considered fish.

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