Are Skinks Reptiles


Are Skinks Reptiles?

Are Skinks Reptiles Skinks are often classified as a type of reptile, and many skink species are considered to be lizards. But are skinks technically reptiles?

What is a Reptile?

A reptile is any animal that belongs to the class Reptilia. This class contains four orders: the crocodiles and alligators, the turtles and tortoises, the snakes, and the lizards.

Are Skinks Lizards?

Skinks are members of the order Squamata, which includes lizards, snakes and amphisbaenians. This order is one of the four orders of the class Reptilia, so skinks are considered to be lizards.

Are All Lizards Reptiles?

Yes, all species of lizards belong to the class Reptilia, so they are reptiles. This means that skinks are reptiles as well.

Are There Any Exceptions?

There is one group of skinks that is sometimes not classified as a reptile. These are the Plestiodon skinks, which are often referred to as “mole skinks”. These skinks are burrowers and they are often mistaken for being mammals rather than reptiles. Despite this, they are still considered to be lizards and they are still part of the class Reptilia.


Skinks are lizards and, as such, they belong to the class Reptilia. Therefore, skinks are reptiles. There is only one group of skinks that is sometimes classified as a mammal, but even these skinks are still reptiles at the end of the day.

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