are snakes afraid of humans

Are Snakes Afraid of Humans?

Snakes have had a terrifying reputation for as long as humans can remember. Their slim bodies, sharp tongues, and piercing eyes have led many to wonder if snakes have a fear of humans or if they fear nothing at all.

Do Snakes Sense Fear?

Studies done on snakes have suggested that the reptiles are capable of sensing fear and anxiety in humans. One study showed that when humans projected fear towards a snake, the reptile was more aggressive compared to when the person presented a more confident demeanor. Another study suggested that wild snakes are more likely to flee and hide when they sense any sign of danger.

How Do Snakes React to Human Presence?

When a snake encounters a human, its first instinct is usually to flee. This is most likely the reptile’s way of self-preservation, as the snake is small in size and could easily be crushed or killed by a larger human.

In some cases, snakes may choose to stay put and hiss when faced with a human. This could also be a sign of fear from the snake, as it is trying to use intimidation in hopes to scare the human away.

Tips for Handling a Snake Safely

If you approach a snake, here are some tips to do so safely:

  • Maintain a calm demeanor: Don’t put yourself in a position of fear and stay calm. The snake will sense fear from your body language.
  • Keep your distance: Don’t try to corner the snake or invade its personal space by getting too close.
  • Don’t make sudden movements: Sudden movements can provoke the snake to attack. Move slowly and avoid any quick actions.
  • Be mindful of its head: Most snakes are most agile and can strike very quickly from the head. Keep your distance from the reptile’s head.


In conclusion, we can conclude that snakes may have some fear of humans and are likely to flee in the presence of humans. This is the snake’s natural way of self-preservation and should be respected by humans. If you ever come across a snake, remember to stay calm and keep your distance.

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