are snakes blind

Are Snakes Blind?

Have you ever wondered if snakes can see? These mysterious reptiles are often perceived as being blind, but this is not necessarily the case.

How Do Snakes See?

Snakes are believed to have very poor eyesight. They don’t have eyelids, which means they never close their eyes to protect them from environmental dangers. Instead, they have a transparent scale over their eyes which allows them to keep an eye out for predators and prey without having to close their eyes.

Snakes can also see in the dark thanks to their infrared vision. This allows them to detect warm-blooded prey, even in complete darkness.

Do Snakes Hear?

Unlike humans, snakes don’t have ears so they don’t hear like we do. Instead, they detect sound vibrations through the scales on their head and throat. This helps them stay alert of their surroundings and react accordingly.

Do Snakes Recognize Their Owners?

Despite their limited vision, snakes are capable of recognizing their owners. They can recognize scents and identify their owners simply by feeling the vibrations of their footsteps.

Are Snakes Blind?

Most snakes have very poor eyesight but their masterful senses more than make up for it. While they may not be able to see like humans, they are still able to hunt, find their way around and even recognize their owners. So, while snakes may not have the same vision as humans, they are certainly not blind.

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