are snakes more active at night

The Nightlife of Snakes

When most other animals and even humans are preparing for bed, snakes are just beginning to wake up for their active night. Snakes are nocturnal animals, meaning they are more active during the night than the day.

Reasons for Nocturnal Lifestyles

There are a few reasons why snakes choose to be nocturnal:

  • Avoid Predators: By being active long after the sun has gone down, snakes can avoid potential predators and ensure their safety.
  • Acquire Prey: Many of the animals that snakes hunt are easiest to find during the dark hours.
  • Catch the Sun’s Heat: During the day, the sun warms the ground, making it easier for snakes to absorb the heat.


Since they are active during the night, snakes have developed a few adaptations to find shelter, food, and protection in the dark.

  • Strong Sense of Smell: Snakes have a strong sense of smell, which helps them move around in the dark and stay in the right direction.
  • Thermal Vision: Snakes are able to detect objects and other animals by their body heat.
  • Camouflage: Snakes use their natural camouflaging ability to blend with the darkness and stay safe.

From avoiding predators to seeking heat, snakes have adapted to the darkness and have found success in the night.

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