are there any poisonous frogs in michigan

Are There Any Poisonous Frogs in Michigan?

It is correct to say that there are no poisonous frogs in the state of Michigan. While there are some toxic frogs and toads in the U.S., these creatures are not found in the state of Michigan.

Toxic Frogs Around the World

Frogs, toads and other amphibians that contain powerful toxins to prevent predators from devouring them can be found around the world. The Goliath frog found in western Africa is the largest of its kind, but also harbours hefty doses of tetrodotoxin (a toxin produced by certain organisms), making it incredibly toxic to anything that tries to eat it.

The Golden poison frog from South America contains batrachotoxin, a potent neurotoxin. This species of frog is the most toxic of any animal known to humans, releasing an amount of toxin that is capable of killing 10 people if ingested.

Michigan’s Frogs and Toads

Some of the most commonly sighted frogs and toads in Michigan include:

  • Green Frogs – can be found around lakes and streams since they are aquatic and live in water.
  • Bullfrogs – they are larger and can make a loud croaking noise, so they are often called the “voice of the wetlands.”
  • Wood Frogs – this species of frog can survive winter temperatures in the freezing range.
  • Northern Leopard Frogs – these frogs have a distinctive “leaping” pattern on their backs.
  • American Toads – these are the most common toad in Michigan and they are known for their distinctive croaking.

None of these species, though, are toxic, so they should not be feared. They can be a great source of entertainment while you are outdoors.


In summary, it is correct to say that no poisonous frogs can be found in the state of Michigan. While frogs and toads are found in abundance in the state, they are all harmless. Enjoy observing them and take delight in their beauty on outdoor excursions.

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