are there any reptiles in antarctica

Are There Any Reptiles in Antarctica?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Antarctica is the coldest and most desolate place on Earth. While the temperatures essential make it impossible for any kind of reptile to survive in the wild, there are still some kinds of reptiles that inhabit Antarctica.

Reptiles That Are Native to Antarctica

Some of the native reptiles to Antarctica are:

  • Ambolbrates – These are small large-eyed lizards that can withstand extreme cold temperatures of up to -20ºC and even thrive in Antarctica.
  • Crocodiloides – A species of the crocodile family that are tough enough to survive in cold climates.
  • Marines – These are mainly found in the southern Atlantic ocean and around Antarctica and can survive the cold waters of the Antarctic.

Reptiles That Are Introduced To Antarctica

Some of the introduced reptiles to Antarctica are:

  • Green sea turtle – These sea turtles have been found in the waters near to Antarctica’s coasts. They consume krill, seaweed, algae and jellyfish and are rarely seen on land.
  • Reptiles used to study the effects of extreme cold – Some species of reptiles, such as American garter snakes and box turtles, have been transported to Antarctica in order to study how reptiles can adapt to extreme cold environments.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Are there any reptiles in Antarctica?” is yes, though most of them are not native to the region. While temperatures in Antarctica are usually too cold for reptiles to survive there in the wild, there are some reptiles that can thrive in the cold environment, as well as a few that have been deliberately introduced to the region to help scientists study the effects of extreme cold.

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