Are There Hedgehogs in Illinois


Are There Hedgehogs in Illinois?

Hedgehogs are a type of small mammal that is often seen in Europe and Asia, but can they be found in the state of Illinois?

Native Hedgehogs in Illinois

The answer is unfortunately, no. Hedgehogs are not native to Illinois and cannot be found in their original state living in the wild. The closest species that is native to the US is the Southern Short-Tailed Opossum which is found in parts of the southern U.S.

Pet Hedgehogs in Illinois

While wild hedgehogs cannot be found in Illinois there are still plenty of people who keep them as pets. Hedgehogs are legal to own in the state of Illinois, but potential owners should check if their hometown has any rules or restrictions on keeping them as pets.

How to Care for Hedgehogs in Illinois

Caring for a pet hedgehog properly is important for the health and wellbeing of the animal. The following are some tips for how to care for hedgehogs in Illinois:

    • Provide a Suitable Environment – Hedgehogs need a secure, warm, and well ventilated environment.


    • Provide Appropriate Diet – In addition to specialized food, hedgehogs also need access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and insects.


    • Provide Enough Exercise – Pet hedgehogs should have access to a wheel, puzzle toy, and create obstacles for them to move around and explore.


    • Provide Regular Vet Visits – It is important to take your hedgehog to the vet regularly for check-ups and treatments.


Overall, hedgehogs can be kept as pets in the state of Illinois, but potential owners should make sure that they familiarize themselves with the laws in their hometown and the proper care for hedgehogs.

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