Are there Hedgehogs in Tennessee


Are there Hedgehogs in Tennessee?

The short answer is yes! Tennessee is home to some species of the adorable little mammals known as hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are native to Europe and Asia, but are gaining a lot of popularity as household pets in many parts of the United States, with Tennessee being no exception.

Hedgehogs have become increasingly popular both as pets in the U.S. and in Tennessee. In urban areas, it is often easier to find hedgehogs than it is to find wild ones. This is due in part to their increasing popularity and availability as pets in Tennessee.

What Do Hedgehogs Have to Offer?

Hedgehogs are a low-maintenance pet option. They are relatively quiet, easy to feed, as they eat a variety of food, mostly insects, and do not require a lot of grooming. As solitary creatures, they are good for people who do not want to take on the responsibility of taking care of more than one pet.

Hedgehogs are also a great pet for those looking for a bit of interaction. They can be litter-box trained and can be taught to use a running wheel if they are going to live indoors. If handled regularly, hedgehogs can become quite friendly with their owners and enjoy being held.

Are Hedgehogs Legal in Tennessee?

The answer is yes. As of 2019, hedgehogs are legal to keep as pets in Tennessee.

Tips for Keeping a Hedgehog Happy and Healthy:

    • Provide a safe, secure environment for your hedgehog with plenty of hiding places.


    • Maintain a regular diet of quality food, supplied in a bowl that is heavy enough to discourage your hedgehog from tipping it over.


    • Provide a large, shallow water bowl that your hedgehog can easily access.


    • Give your hedgehog plenty of playtime, with things to explore and climb on.


    • Allow your hedgehog to hibernate during the winter season.


    • Visit a veterinarian regularly to ensure your hedgehog is healthy and up to date with vaccinations.


If you are considering adding a hedgehog to your family, it is important to research your options and make sure you are able to provide the necessary care before going ahead. Tennessee is a great place to keep a hedgehog, and with the proper care and attention, your hedgehog will be a loyal and loving companion for years to come!

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