are there reptiles in alaska

Are There Reptiles in Alaska?

Alaska is a beautiful state, with many flora and fauna species, and even has multiple species of reptiles!

Types of Reptiles in Alaska

Alaska is home to three species of reptiles. All species of reptiles live in the south-central and southeast part of the state:

  • Turtles
    • Northern Red-Bellied Cooters
    • Common Snapping Turtles
    • Western Painted Turtles

  • Lizards
    • Western Skink
    • Five-Lined Skink

  • Snakes
    • Northern Red-Bellied Water Snake
    • Shorthead Garter Snake

Unfortunately, despite the presence of these species, reptiles are still relatively rare in Alaska. This is because of their need for warm weather, as well as the fact that many of the reptile species in Alaska are much smaller than the ones found in other states.

Climate in Alaska

Alaska’s climate is much colder, with much fewer opportunities for reptiles to stay warm in the winter months. This means that, in most cases, reptiles are unable to survive the cold temperatures in Alaska, and will not thrive in the environment.

Conservation Efforts

Despite the limitations that Alaska’s environment poses for reptiles, conservation efforts are being made to protect and improve the habitats of native reptile species. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is taking steps to protect these species and their habitats.

These efforts include preventing habitat destruction, limiting the number of predators, and providing resources to help maintain the viability of reptile species. With these steps, we can help ensure that Alaska’s reptile populations remain healthy and continue to thrive.


In conclusion, there are indeed reptiles living in Alaska, although their numbers are much lower than in other parts of the US. This is mainly due to the fact that Alaska’s climate poses too many challenges for reptiles to survive in, but conservation efforts are helping to ensure that the reptile population remains healthy.

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