are there sea snakes in florida

Are There Sea Snakes In Florida?

If you’re living in Florida or planning a trip, you might be wondering if there are sea snakes around the coastline. The answer is yes – there are several species of both venomous and non-venomous sea snakes in Florida’s waters.

What Are Sea Snakes?

Sea snakes are a type of aquatic snake, meaning that they spend most of their lives in the water. They’re found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and even extend up to the waters of the Mediterranean.

Sea snakes are related to land snakes, but have many adaptations to life in the sea. They have a flattened tail which they use to swim, they can dive up to 150 feet below the surface, have wider nostrils and can close their nostrils like dolphins, and have different body shapes. They rarely come onto land and can even give live birth in the water.

Types of Sea Snakes in Florida

There are various species of sea snakes living in Florida’s waters. The most widespread and abundant is the banded sea krait. This type of sea snake is mildly venomous, but is generally non-aggressive and rarely bites humans.

There is also the yellow-bellied sea snake, which is the most venomous species in Florida. This species is rarely seen, but is known to be found in the shallow waters around the Gulf of Mexico. Other sea snake species include the ribbon snake and caerulascens reef sea snake.

Sea Snake Safety

Most sea snake species are non-aggressive and won’t bother people. It’s rare for humans to get bitten by a sea snake, so you shouldn’t worry about swimming in the ocean.

If you do encounter a sea snake, you should try to leave it alone. Don’t make any sudden movements or try to catch or corner the snake. If you accidentally come into contact with one, move away from the area calmly and quickly.


So, are there sea snakes in Florida? Yes, there are several species of both venomous and non-venomous sea snakes living in the waters around Florida. However, these snakes are generally non-aggressive and rarely bite humans. So you can still enjoy your time at the beach without worrying about encountering a sea snake.

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