are there snakes in tennessee

Are There Snakes in Tennessee?

Those who live in or visit Tennessee, especially during the summer months, may want to know if there are snakes in the state. The short answer is yes, and many of them. Tennessee’s diverse landscape makes it home to a variety of snakes that enjoy either the wet or dry climates of the state, and some of them can be quite dangerous.

Types of Snakes in Tennessee

Here are some of the most common snakes you may encounter in Tennessee:

  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth
  • Timber Rattlesnake
  • Pygmy Rattlesnake
  • Eastern Hognose
  • Milk Snake
  • Rat Snake

Are They Dangerous?

Some of the snakes in Tennessee can be dangerous to humans, such as the Cottonmouth, Timber Rattlesnake, and Copperhead. All of these species are venomous, and their bite can cause serious injury or even death. Generally speaking, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

Tips for Avoiding Snakes

If you are worried about encountering a snake while out in the wilderness in Tennessee, there are a few tips that can help you avoid them:

  • Stay on trails while hiking and avoid tall brush or grass.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch where you step.
  • If you see a snake, do not approach it, just give it a wide berth.

In the end, snakes are beneficial to the environment and are basically harmless to humans. As long as you stay aware and cautious, you should be fine.

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