are there tree frogs in ohio

Are there Tree Frogs in Ohio?

Ohio is a state located in the East North Central of the United States. It is known for its forests, rivers, and diverse wildlife populations. One of the many creatures that can be seen in Ohio is the tree frog.

Types of Tree Frogs Found in Ohio

Ohio is home to several species of tree frogs. These include:

  • Gray Tree Frogs – Gray tree frogs are medium-sized frogs with a characteristic mottled grayish-green or pale green-brown coloration. These amphibians are native to Ohio and are quite common in the state.
  • Green Tree Frogs – Green tree frogs are green or brown in color and can be found throughout parts of Ohio. They have a distinctive call that sounds like a metallic chirp.
  • Cope’s Gray Tree Frog – Cope’s gray tree frog is a medium-sized gray frog with white spots on its back and can often be found in moist areas. This species is quite common in Ohio.

Where to Spot Tree Frogs in Ohio

Tree frogs can be found in many parts of Ohio, particularly areas with plenty of wet, wooded habitats. Some of the best places to go searching for tree frogs are wetland areas as well as woodland streams and ponds. Tree frogs can also be found in parks, gardens, and even urban settings.

Taking the time to explore Ohio’s varied ecosystems can lead to amazing wildlife encounters! Keep an eye out for tree frogs and other wildlife as you explore.

Conservation Status

Although tree frogs are quite common in Ohio, certain species may be at risk due to habitat loss and other factors. It is important to be mindful of our impact on the environment, as even small changes can make a big difference.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “are there tree frogs in Ohio?” is a resounding yes! There are several species of tree frogs that call Ohio their home. With a little exploration and patience, it is possible to spot these delightful amphibians in many areas throughout the state.

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