are there wild horses in south dakota

Are There Wild Horses in South Dakota?

South Dakota has a reputation for rugged beauty and rural splendor, worthy of being called “The Mount Rushmore State,” but when it comes to wild horses, the answer is not as clear cut.

Where are South Dakota’s Wild Horses?

South Dakota does not have any wild horses that roam freely on public lands. However, there are a few herds of semi-feral horses in parts of the state that were once owned by Native Americans and have since been released. While some of these horses have been rounded up and put up for adoption, there are still a few who have managed to remain wild.

Are There Other Places to Find Wild Horses in South Dakota?

The closest place to South Dakota where you can find wild horses is the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in Montana. This area is home to the descendants of horses brought over by the Spanish Conquistadors back in the 1500s. These horses, known as “mustangs”, are considered to be some of the most iconic and beloved wild horses in the country.

Other Ways to View Horses in South Dakota

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy horses in South Dakota but don’t want to travel to Montana, there are still a few options.

  • Horse Rides: Many area ranches offer guided horseback rides that offer a great way to experience South Dakota’s scenery up close.
  • Horse Shows: South Dakota hosts a variety of horse shows throughout the year, including rodeos and the South Dakota State Fair.
  • Racing: South Dakota is home to several race tracks that feature harness racing and quarter horse racing.

So while you won’t find wild horses roaming South Dakota’s open ranges, you can still find plenty of ways to enjoy horses in the “Mount Rushmore State”.

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