Are Tortoises Reptiles


Are Tortoises Reptiles?

The answer to this is a definite yes! Tortoises are part of the reptile family and share many of their characteristics. Reptiles such as tortoises, lizards, snakes and turtles are some of the oldest living animals on the planet and have been around for millions of years.

Characteristics of Reptiles

Reptiles share the following characteristics:

    • Cold Blooded: Reptiles are ‘cold-blooded’ meaning that, unlike mammals and birds, they have no way of controlling their body temperatures. This means that, during cold weather, they can become sluggish and inactive for long periods of time.


    • Backbone: Reptiles have a backbone, like mammals, which encloses and protects their vital organs. Reptiles also have a solid and rigid ribcage to protect the inner organs.


    • Scales: Most reptiles are covered with scales, typically made out of keratin, which help to protect their skin and give them a waterproof barrier.


    • Eggs: Most reptiles also lay eggs, rather than giving birth to live young. Some species, such as sea turtles and certain species of lizards, are able to rely on the ambient temperature to determine whether their offspring will be female or male.



Tortoises are the largest species of reptile and are easily recognizable due to their large, tough shells that protect them from predators. The shell is made up of hundreds of tiny plates of bone and muscle which is why it is so tough. They also have scaly feet, similar to other reptiles, to help them move.

Some tortoises may live for more than 150 years, making them one of the longest-living animals in the world. They are also a very important species as they are integral to their ecosystems and can provide food for other animals that live in the same area.


In conclusion, tortoises are part of the reptile family and share many of the same characteristics as other reptiles. They have a tough shell to protect them, are cold-blooded, lay eggs and have scales on their skin. They are also one of the longest-living animals in the world and form an important part of the ecosystems they inhabit.

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