Are Turtles Amphibians Or Reptiles


Are Turtles Amphibians or Reptiles?

Turtles are often classified as amphibians and reptiles, although many people think of them only as reptiles. It can be confusing as to what classifies a turtle as an amphibian or a reptile, but both have some similarities and differences.

Amphibian vs Reptile

What exactly differentiates an amphibian from a reptile? Amphibians have moist, slimy skin and go through a metamorphosis during their life cycle. They lay eggs in water and must remain moist in order to survive. Reptiles, on the other hand, have dry, scaly skin and do not go through a metamorphosis. They lay eggs on land, and are adapted to living in drier climates.

Are Turtles Amphibians?

Turtles are not classified as amphibians because of the following:

    • Turtles have dry, scaly skin. Turtles have the same type of dry, scaly skin that you would find on reptiles such as lizards, snakes and even tortoises.


    • Turtles lay eggs on land. Turtles lay their eggs on land, rather than in water like amphibians do.


    • Turtles do not go through a metamorphosis. Amphibians go through a metamorphosis in order to reach their adult form, but turtles do not have this ability.



In conclusion, it is clear that turtles are not classified as amphibians. They are in fact classified as reptiles, due to their dry, scaly skin, the fact that they lay their eggs on land, and that they do not go through a metamorphosis.

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