are turtles reptiles or amphibians

Are Turtles Reptiles or Amphibians?

Turtles are a very unique species, and often people are unsure whether they are reptiles or amphibians. This article will discuss the characteristics of both reptiles and amphibians and explain which group turtles belong to.


Reptiles are animals that have scales and are cold-blooded, meaning that they rely on the environment to control their body temperature. These animals usually lay eggs with a leathery shell, and many are able to survive droughts by entering a state of hibernation. Other characteristics of reptiles include:

  • They are able to move around on either two or four legs.
  • They can survive in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.
  • Most reptiles are carnivorous.


Amphibians are animals that have moist skin and are also cold-blooded. Unlike reptiles, they have the ability to breathe both in the water and on land. Most amphibians lay eggs in water and some do not have lungs, but instead use their skin to absorb oxygen. Other characteristics of amphibians include:

  • They are usually found near freshwater.
  • Many species go through a process of metamorphosis.
  • Most amphibians are insectivores.

So, Are Turtles Reptiles or Amphibians?

Turtles are more closely related to reptiles than to amphibians. While they often live in aquatic environments and can breathe underwater, their scales and leathery eggshells are the main characteristics that qualify them as reptiles.

In conclusion, while turtles are often found in aquatic environments, they are best classified as a type of reptile. They possess the typical characteristics of reptiles and have adapted to their environment over time.

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