Are Turtles Reptiles


Are Turtles Reptiles?

Are Turtles Reptiles Turtles are an ancient species that has moved and evolved from the oceans to land and freshwaters of the world. While these shelled creatures may appear strange, turtles are an important part of ecosystems around the planet. The question remains, are turtles considered reptiles?

Turtles Have Ancient Reptilian Origins

Turtles are reptiles and have been around for millions of years. They are the oldest living animals on the planet. Turtles belong to the class of reptiles called chelonians, which includes all of their ancient relatives, including tortoises and terrapins.

Characteristics of Reptiles

Reptiles share many common characteristics, including a backbone and scaly skin. Other features that turtles have in common with other reptiles include:

    • Four-sided Shell: Turtles have a unique four sided shell made up of keratin scales, which gives them a highly distinctive look.


    • Coldblooded: Turtles and other reptiles are “cold-blooded” or ectothermic. This means that their internal body temperature depends on the temperature around them.


    • Eggs: Turtles and other reptiles lay eggs with a leathery shell.


Reptiles are Unique Species

Regardless of their ancient heritage, reptiles have evolved in unique ways over millions of years. Turtles, in particular, have evolved with unique adaptations and behaviors that make them different from other reptiles.

Unlike other reptiles, turtles cannot retract their heads and legs back into the shell. Many species of turtles also stay completely submerged underwater.

Turtles are Reptiles

Ultimately, turtles are a type of reptile, with ancient connections to other reptiles. They share many common characteristics, but also have their own unique adaptations that make them distinct from other reptiles. Turtles are a crucial part of many ecosystems around the world and will continue to fascinate us for years to come.

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