are water snakes dangerous

Are Water Snakes Dangerous?

Water snakes are a type of non-venomous snake found in many parts of the world. Though they can appear intimidating, water snakes are generally not dangerous and are rarely violent towards humans. That being said, there are a few things to consider when it comes to water snakes.

Aggressive Behavior

Water snakes are usually not aggressive and prefer to flee from humans instead of attacking. However, if provoked or threatened, the snakes can become very aggressive. This usually entails hissing, looking for a place to hide, or launching a defensive attack.

Bite Causes

This can be caused by human behavior, such as:

  • Grabbing or attempting to capture the snake
  • Prodding or harassing the snake
  • Throwing rocks or sticks at the snake

It is best to leave snakes alone and respect their space.

Bite Risk

It is important to note that the fangs of non-venomous water snakes cannot pierce the skin, so a bite from these snakes will not cause any harm.


Though water snakes are generally not dangerous, it is still important to recognize the risks associated with these creatures. When encountering a snake, it is best to leave it alone and admire it from a safe distance.

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