are wild rabbits nocturnal

Are Wild Rabbits Nocturnal?

Wild rabbits are generally known to be nocturnal creatures. But is this really the case? Let’s examine what exactly this means and how this affects the lives of wild rabbits.

What is Nocturnal?

Nocturnality is a behavioral adaptation that living organisms have developed to live and thrive in the darkness of the night. Being nocturnal increases a species’ chances of survival by keeping them hidden from predators and providing certain environmental benefits.

Are Wild Rabbits Nocturnal?

Yes, wild rabbits are nocturnal in the sense that they rest during the day and come out to forage for food at night. However, because these animals are adaptable and can make adjustments based on their surroundings, there are some instances in which rabbits can be seen active during the day.

Factors Affecting Wild Rabbit Nocturnality

• Climate: Wild rabbits will often be more active during the day if they live in colder climates, as it can be difficult for them to find food in the snow at night.

• Predators: Wild rabbits may be more active during the day if they are in areas with fewer predators.

• Human Interference: Wild rabbits may alter their behavior and be more active during the day in response to human activity.

• Food Supplies: Wild rabbits may become more active during the day if food supplies are more abundant or easier to access during the day.


Wild rabbits are primarily nocturnal in order to remain hidden from predators, but they can be influenced by the environment and become more active during the day. This means that it is possible to see wild rabbits active during the day, though it is more likely that they are active at night.

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