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How Long Does Brumation Last For Bearded Dragons


Brumation in Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons have a period of dormancy during winter called brumation. It’s an important part of their natural process of living. During this time, they display a different pattern of behavior than their usual kind. To understand how long they brumate, it’s important to first understand what brumation is and what process is involved.

What is Brumation?

Brumation is the biological process that occurs in reptiles, including bearded dragons. It resembles hibernation, in that bearded dragons reduce their activity and metabolism, but it is still distinct from hibernation. During the winter, temperatures drop and bearded dragons adjust their behavior accordingly.

The Process of Brumation

The process of brumation starts when the temperature drops and the days get shorter. This is a natural cue to bearded dragons that winter is coming, and they start to slow down their activity. They will also stop eating and bask less, and instead choose to sleep a lot and remain in a lower body temperature. As the days get longer and warmer, they will eventually wake up and their activity will increase.

How Long Does Brumation Last?

The length of brumation can vary. On average, it usually lasts between two and four months, although in some cases it can be longer or shorter. It also depends on the climate where the bearded dragon is living and the individual habits of the animal.

Tips for Care During Brumation

It’s important to take extra care of your bearded dragon during brumation. Here are some useful tips:

    • Monitor behavior and activity. Be vigilant and make sure your dragon is not showing signs of distress.


    • Provide a comfortable environment. Ensure that their habitat is clean, warm, and humid.


    • Keep an eye on their weight. While they are not eating, regularly monitor their weight and hydration levels.


    • Limit handling. Keep handling to a minimum and don’t disturb them while they are sleeping.



Bearded dragons go through brumation during the winter. This is a natural process that helps them to survive the cold temperatures. On average, it usually lasts between two and four months, although it can vary depending on the individual and the climate. It’s important to be aware of the process and to take extra care of your dragon’s health and wellbeing during this time.

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