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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Marigolds


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Marigolds?

Bearded dragons, also known as Pogona vitticeps, are a type of reptile native to Australia and commonly kept as pets. These small, peaceful lizards have become popular in recent years due to their relatively easy care requirements and interesting personalities. Many people wonder if these lizards can eat marigolds, as it is an edible flower.

Are Marigolds a Good Food for Bearded Dragons?

Marigolds are actually a great food for bearded dragons. This edible flower is an especially nutritious and delicious treat for these lizards who need a variety of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in their diet. The flowers are also relatively easy to find in pet stores, making them a convenient food option for owners.

Marigolds are very similar to other flowers commonly fed to bearded dragons such as dandelions, violets, and nasturtiums. In addition to being a source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, some marigolds contain carotene, which helps dragon’s eyes stay healthy.

How to Feed Marigolds to Bearded Dragons

Marigold flowers should be fed to bearded dragons in moderation. Too much of any single food can cause imbalances in their diet and lead to health issues.

It is important to make sure the marigolds have not been treated with any chemical pesticides before offering them to the dragon. Additionally, all marigolds should be lightly washed before feeding them to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Marigold Leaves?

While the flowers are a great source of nutrition, it is not recommended that bearded dragons eat the leaves of marigolds. This is because the leaves contain saponins, which can be toxic for not just bearded dragons, but for all reptiles.

Benefits of Feeding Marigolds to Bearded Dragons

Marigolds provide many nutritional and health benefits to bearded dragons. The flowers are rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, and are also a great source of dietary fiber. Additionally, the carotene found in some marigolds is an important component of healthy vision and can also boost a dragon’s immune system.


In conclusion, marigolds make a great food option for bearded dragons. While they should not be offered too often, these edible flowers can provide a range of nutritional benefits and can help keep your dragon healthy and happy. Just make sure to avoid giving them the leaves of the marigold, as these can be toxic.

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