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Can Bearded Dragons Have Collard Greens


Can Bearded Dragons Have Collard Greens?

Benefits of Collard Greens for Bearded Dragons


Collard greens are an excellent food choice for bearded dragons. Not only are they packed with nutrients, but they are also low in oxalates. This means they will not bind with calcium in the body, as other greens can, and reduce the levels of available calcium.

Collard greens are also high in nutrition, including:

    • Vitamin A


    • Vitamin C


    • Calcium


    • Fiber


    • Folic Acid


    • Iron


    • Magnesium


    • Potassium


Serving up Collard Greens for Your Bearded Dragon


When serving collard greens to your bearded dragon, it is best to blend them into a mash. This is because their mouths and throats are not designed to handle large thick pieces of the vegetable. The mash should be finely chopped and mixed with other moistened vegetables like carrots or squash.

It is also important to add a source of calcium and vitamin D3 when serving collard greens. Bearded dragons need a diet that is high in calcium, as they are prone to calcium deficiency if they do not receive enough. You can easily add calcium to the mash by mixing in a teaspoon of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate powder.


Collard greens are a nutritious and safe choice for your bearded dragon, and a great way to mix up the rotation of vegetables. As long as you prepare them correctly, your bearded dragon should enjoy their occasionally snacks of collard greens. Just make sure to always include a source of calcium and vitamin D3 when offering these greens to your pet.

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