Can Birds Burp


Can Birds Burp?

Birds are often thought of as quite prim and proper, but they, like their human counterparts, also have basic needs and wants just as much as us. Human’s needs include laughter, eating, drinking, and burping but is this the same for birds? Can birds burp?

The Science Behind Burping

Burping is a natural digestive reaction for humans and other animals that happen after eating or drinking. It is a release of air that has built up in the stomach and the passing of this gas can be a result of swallowing too much air, from gulping down food, or from certain types of food.

Do Birds Burp?

The answer is technically yes, but it is not the same as human burps. Birds, just like us, need to expel air and gas that builds up in their stomachs, but unlike humans, it is not as easy for them. Birds don’t have the anatomy to expel this air like humans do.

How Do Birds Burp?

When birds have built up too much gas in their stomachs, they do not have the ability to burp like humans. Instead, they expel the gas through their mouths in the form of a sneeze like sound. This process is known as “gular fluttering” and is specifically done by some types of birds like hummingbirds, parrots and toucans, who are known to be very vocal with their burps.

What Causes Birds To Burp?

The same as humans, birds burp due to excess air build up, as well as eating certain types of food and drinking. Some of the types of food that can cause birds to burp more than usual are fruits, vegetables, and nightcrawlers, while others can be carbonated drinks, bread, and seeds.


Birds, just like us, have basic needs and this includes the need for burping. Although birds cannot burp in the same way as humans do, they still have the ability to burp through a process called “gular fluttering.” This is done by some types of birds, like parrots and hummingbirds, who are very vocal with their burps. Burping is caused by a buildup of air, as well as eating certain types of food or drinking certain types of drinks.

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