Can Birds Cry


Can Birds Cry?

Birds are known for their ability to communicate with sounds, through chirps, songs and calls. But can birds actually cry like humans do?

What does Crying look like in Birds?

When people cry, tears often accompany their emotional response. But in birds, crying takes on a different appearance. For instance, some birds may look as though they’re “weeping” because they’re excreting an excess of salt from their eyes, similar to how people cry tears.

Do Birds Experience Negative Emotions?

Not only can birds show emotions, but they can experience them too. Just like people, birds experience joy, fear, anger and even sadness. While they don’t have tear ducts and therefore can’t cry in the way humans do, they can and do express their negative emotions by making loud vocalizations.

Behavioral Examples

Bird behavior can be very telling of their emotional state. Here are some behavioral examples of birds expressing emotions:

    • Sadness and Grief: Birds in mourning will often pull out their own feathers or stop eating for short periods of time.



    • Happiness and Playfulness: In a happy state, birds may chirp happily and take part in playful activities like hopping, flapping and stretching.


In conclusion, it’s clear that birds do experience emotions, just like humans do. While they don’t have tear ducts to produce tears, they do express their emotions with behavior and vocalizations.

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