can birds get drunk

Can Birds Get Drunk?

We’ve all heard stories about animals getting drunk from fermented fruits or from eating beehives that contain honey that has naturally fermented. But what about birds? Can birds get drunk?

The Answer

Yes, birds can and do get drunk, just like humans. If there is fermenting fruit or alcohol available, then it can become intoxicated when it eats or drinks it.

Reasons For Drunkenness

There can be a few reasons why birds become intoxicated.

  • Fermented Fruits: Birds can eat fermented fruits and become drunk. The ethanol in the fruits makes them act in a very strange way. They can become disoriented or even pass out.
  • Beehives: Another potential source of intoxication for birds is beehives. They like to eat off of these, but sometimes the honey inside is fermented and intoxicates them.
  • Overeating: Some birds may consume excessive amounts of food at once, which can lead to intoxication. This is especially true if they are eating something that has a higher alcohol content.

Symptoms Of Intoxication

If a bird is intoxicated, it will likely show some very obvious signs.

  • Balance Issues: Birds may appear to be off balance or stumble about when intoxicated. They may even seem dizzy or lose their footing altogether.
  • Lethargic: The bird may appear to be much less active than usual. It may show little interest in its surroundings and seem to lack energy.
  • Mood Changes: Just like humans, birds can become irritable when intoxicated. They may become vocal or aggressive in order to protect their space.

So to summarise, birds can get drunk.

Although it is not common, birds can become intoxicated if they consume alcohol or fermented fruits. The effects of drunkenness in birds are similar to humans. They may become off balance, lethargic and show signs of agitation. If you believe your bird is showing signs of intoxication, then you should get them to a vet immediately.

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