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can boy cats have nipples

Can Boy Cats Have Nipples?

Yes, male cats can have nipples just like female cats. Felines are among the few mammals that are considered to be hermaphrodites, meaning that cats of both sexes exhibit both male and female reproductive organs. This means that the male cats have and lactating mammary glands.

Types of Nipples

Cats’ nipples come in four basic types:

  • Juvenile nipples: These appear in male cats when they are still kittens, but they disappear over time.
  • Accessory nipples: These are present in both sexes and can occur in any area along the body.
  • Normal nipples: As cats reach maturity, these nipples develop in both sexes.
  • Abnormal nipples: These occur in response to trauma or hormonal changes in both sexes at any stage.

Signs of Nipples

Cats’ nipples are sometimes hard to spot, and some cats may not have them at all, or might have itchy nipples that can cause irritation. The best way to tell if a cat does indeed have nipples is to closely examine the area around the sexual organs and feel for bumps.

Nipples on male cats are typically smaller and less pronounced than those of female cats. They also generally appear lighter in color and can be located on the base of the stomach, around the sexual organ, or on the cat’s forelegs, chest, and back.


Male cats have nipples just like female cats, but they are often harder to spot. It’s important to be aware of this and thoroughly examine the cat if you suspect they have nipples. It’s also important to look out for any signs of rawness or redness around the nipples, as this could be caused by a infection or hormonal imbalance.

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