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Can Bunnies And Guinea Pigs Live Together


Can Bunnies and Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Deciding to adopt a pet can be a fun, but it can also be a big responsibility. As you pick out your furry partner, you’ll also have to pick out a compatible, lifelong companion. Dogs and cats can live together, but what about bunnies and guinea pigs?

Differences In Temperament

Bunnies and guinea pigs have different temperaments, which can earn them the title of “odd couple”. Bunnies are typically active and can be quite social, while guinea pigs tend to be more calm and prefer a quiet space. If you choose to adopt both, they may ultimately live side by side, but they will most likely not form a bond.

Differences in Diet

Bunnies and guinea pigs also have different dietary needs. Bunnies feed mainly on hay, while guinea pigs should have a diet rich in vitamin C, which can be found in leafy greens and fruits. Introducing a different diet for each pet can ensure the animals get enough of the essential nutrients they need.

Benefits of Living Together

Despite their differences, it is possible for bunnies and guinea pigs to live together with minimal fuss. If you’re willing to put in the work and properly introduce the animals to each other, they can live in harmony. Adopting two pets at once can also mean extra cuddles, as they can be a great source of comfort to each other.

Potential Risks

While bunnies and guinea pigs can co-exist, there are certain scenarios that need to be avoided. Bunnies have strong hind legs and a low body weight, making them more prone to injury if they are mishandled. In the wrong situation, a guinea pig can become startled and want to defend itself, which will result in a fight.

Things to Consider

Before bringing home a guinea pig and a bunny, make sure you are prepared for the commitment. Here are a few tips to consider:

    • Provide Shared Space: Consider setting up a common space with both animals so they can explore and interact.


    • Consider Size Differences: Bunnies can become territorial in small spaces, so be sure to provide plenty of room for both pets to move around and play.


    • Separate food dishes: Serve meals in different dishes to avoid confusion and ensure both pets get their share of the necessary nutrients.


All in all, while bunnies and guinea pigs can live together, they are best suited to a peaceful and comfortable environment. Properly introducing them to each other and providing enough space can ensure that the two can live together happily.

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