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can cats and tigers breed

Can Cats and Tigers Breed?

The idea of cats and tigers being able to interbreed may seem farfetched, but the scientific answer is yes; cats and tigers can breed to produce a hybrid offspring. However, the offspring are not typically fertile, and often the resulting hybrid is infertile, meaning it is unable to reproduce.

Differences Between Cats and Tigers

Cats and tigers belong to the same biological family; Felidae. The two species share many similarities, but there are also some important differences.


  • Tigers are much larger than cats and have larger feet in proportion to their body size.
  • Tigers possess thicker bras and longer torsos in comparison to cats.
  • Tigers have long, coarse fur, while cats have shorter, more fine fur.
  • Tigers have much greater strength and endurance than cats.


  • Cats have finer features than tigers, such as rounded ears and shorter muzzles.
  • Cats have a more muscular body type than tigers.
  • Cats are more agile than tigers.
  • Cats also have better vision than tigers, enabling them to see better in the dark.

Hybrid Offspring

Hybrid offspring from cats and tigers tend to look like a mix between the two species. They usually exhibit characteristics of both the parent species, such as the body shape and fur of the tiger mixed with the facial features of the cat. The hybrid also tends to be smaller than either of the parent species, and typically has stripes or spots on its body.


The hybrid offspring of cats and tigers tend to be infertile, meaning they are unable to reproduce. This is because the genetic makeup of the parent species is so different that the resulting offspring is unable to produce viable offspring. In some cases, the hybrid offspring may be fertile, but this is very rare.


Despite the differences between cats and tigers, they are still able to interbreed and produce a hybrid offspring. While the resulting hybrid is typically infertile, there have been cases of hybrids being able to reproduce and have successful offspring.

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