Can Cats Eat Spam


Can Cats Eat Spam?

Can Cats Eat Spam Animals have always loved to feast on bits of food humans share with them. Dogs have a good reputation for being quite the food-loving species, but what about cats? Is the tasty goodness of Spam something cats can enjoy as well?

The Answer

Unfortunately, cats cannot eat Spam. This canned meat contains an excessive amount of sodium (more than 1400 milligrams per four-ounce can! ) as well as fat and artificial colors, which can make a cat very sick if ingested. Not only can large amounts of sodium cause serious health problems such as kidney damage, but it can also lead to heart problems and even seizures.

What Can A Cat Eat?

Thankfully, there are plenty of safe foods cats can enjoy. Here are some suggestions for tasty treats:

    • Tuna: a fan favorite for cats, tuna is rich in essential nutrients and makes a tasty snack. It’s recommended to feed your cat canned tuna, with the oil drained and mixed with a bit of plain yogurt or warm water.


    • Cooked Chicken: cats love the taste of cooked chicken, as long as it’s plain and boneless. Avoid adding sauces or seasoning.


    • Cheese: cheese is a relatively safe snack for cats, as long as it doesn’t contain onions and garlic. Avoid serving your cat too much cheese, as the fat content can be quite high in some varieties.


    • Cat Treats: there are plenty of commercial cat treats on the market that are specially formulated for cats. Be sure to check the label for safe ingredients, such as proteins and vitamins.



Spam may be a delicious treat for humans, but it’s unfortunately not safe for cats. To keep your feline friend happy and healthy, stick to high-quality, low-fat cat treats and wet foods.

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